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Pretty good, but doesn't feel like a Dub song.

I'll be honest, this feels less like a dubstep song and more like a techno song you added some wobble to. As such, the wobble feels a little out of place, especially considering it's relatively dark feel compared to the lighter tones of the rest of the song. Overall, not too bad, though.

Jimmypig responds:

Yeah I see your point but this change felt right to me, personally. The reason I did this was because in a storm you get those moments when the clouds crack and the sun pokes through and shines a brilliant ray through the rain sort of giving hope, before they close back up and the grey thunder resumes (the drop).

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Very nice atmospheric piece

It really does a good job of setting the tone you were looking for. My only complaint was the copious amount of silence at the end, but since I can whack that off in Audacity, I don't consider that a true failing.

Rampant responds:

Thank you :)

As for the silence, I guess it does sound a bit long on NewGrounds: I like to leave plenty of room so I don't accidentally cut off the reverb tail.

Thanks for the feedback
- James

Pretty good

Good job for your first try. Keep on practicing with this kind of stuff; most of the problems I heard were minor stuff (overuse of background noises etc.) that you'd be able to resolve pretty easily with a little more experience.

Zuelo responds:

Thanks Grent,
i try it.


You overused the gong at the beginning. A lot. Otherwise not half bad.

ShiverMeSideways responds:

Possibly. I thought it gave a feeling of waves crashing into the ship. Thanks anyway :)

Oh, look at me, I'm so angry

I hate people who do what you do. The cops bust you for doing weed and so you claim the whole system is fucked because "the man" won't let you get high, then you write a terrible song about it.

Message aside, the guitar lick was repetitive (and hardly inspired to begin with), the audio quality was poor, your tempo was off, your voice isn't really suited for rap, you cuss way too much (seriously, go listen to some classic hip-hop and count the number of times they cuss and compare it to your shit), and music does not rhyme with "abuse it."

Luke responds:

i didnt get busted for anything drug related you fool.
also, not every 'rhyme' in a rap song has to be a complete rhyme, near rhyming works too. learn moar about a genre before you start talking poop.


THe more I listen to this song, the more I like it. Nice work!

b4mse responds:

Hehe i have the same :D Thanks for your review ^_^


When you said hectic, I thought you meant a little more... "action packed." After listening to the song, though, I see what you mean and I like it. I like how you mixed in the piano with the more traditional DnB stuff. It gave the song a nice almost calm feel even though it was pretty fast-paced at times. Keep it up!

nubbinownz responds:

thank you :) Yes hectic was in the sense of the drums and the melody bending :D


I had my doubts at the beginning, but this is a good song. Could have been longer, though.

Pyroific responds:

I'm not done :P


My head exploded. Thank you.

The only problem was your louder drums came off a little rough, but that didn't bother me at all.

Dj-Fanta5t1c responds:

=) i like it rough

Mmm... Epic...

Sounds like it would go well in a real movie or something. Great job.

thedarkslayer1 responds:

Why thank you :) i think it would too :)

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