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What the flying fuck is going on here?


Definitely my favorite of yours. Probably because this was pretty much what I was thinking throughout the ENTIRE GAME. YOU SPEAK TO ME, MAN.

Newgrounds =/= Youtube

The music loop was grating (and didn't loop properly), the quality on the video was so low I couldn't tell what you were doing when you right clicked, there's no voiceover explaining what you're doing, the tutorial's content is so basic that anyone with a day's experience in Flash should know how to do it and, most importantly, this is not youtube. Newgrounds is for Flash. Youtube is for videos. When you put videos on Newgrounds, they look like whale ass.

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I'm really kind of embarrassed at Newgrounders right now. Instead of doing the simple fixes offered in the FAQ, you guys feel the need to offer up scathing reviews because you're too lazy to fix the problem. This game is great (although it did take some effort to get working). Once I got things working, it was great, but I feel like the timing for countering the gun is a little unintuitive (it's when you hear the shot go off, not when you see your opponent grab the gun) and obviously the keyboard layout is a little strange, though you do get used to that. Great job, guys!

3D-xelu responds:

Hey there, yeah that bug is annoying and we hope to fix it in the following days. As for the gun counter timing , yeah we got that complain from beta testers as well and we're going to improve it in the next patch along with some other blannace fixes. Thanks again for the suggestion and see you in a match!

An interesting idea, but the lack of sound or music detracts from the experience, and at a mere 4 levels, I barely feel like I got done with the tutorial phase of this game.

Voice acting was pretty bad, and the story was weak (most notably the ending, but I won't go into specifics in order to avoid spoilers). The gameplay was pretty good, aside from the fact that it felt like some levels could become actually impossible if you had bad luck (notably level 3). The graphics were okay, but the cross between 3D animation and traditional animation was weird. Overall, not bad, but not the best.

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This song is amazing... once you hit around 1:15. Before that is kind of bland and not very funky. Still, I know enough of Audacity to make it work, so it's still a solid 4!

It's a quality loop, but I think it could stand to be a little longer to be practical for most projects. Otherwise it'd just get annoying and repetitive.

Ironically discovered this song while pulling an all-nighter. A good chunk of solid trance, but I feel like it was missing the special something that would give you the perfect in my book (and I'm sorry for not being able to describe what that "something" is).

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The pencil coloring detracts from the picture as a whole, and I think you could be a little more original than just drawing Sonic characters (even if they are creepily transgendered), but the art itself isn't bad.

Afterhumanity responds:

Yea I do try to be original, but you can't get noticed when ppl don't know who the heck you are to begin with. =)

LOLTITS... er... I mean... Nice!

The light effects are wonderful, the detail is magnificent, and I'm actually focused more on the picture than the boobies, so you know it's good!

trueWolF responds:

thanks a lot :D i was actually hoping to do this by adding a hella lot of details on the fin to detract from the breasts.. =D


It doesn't look like you put a lot of effort into this pic, and it obviously wasn't that important to you if you didn't even scan it properly.

Maximus responds:


//No comment

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