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What the flying fuck is going on here?


Definitely my favorite of yours. Probably because this was pretty much what I was thinking throughout the ENTIRE GAME. YOU SPEAK TO ME, MAN.

Newgrounds =/= Youtube

The music loop was grating (and didn't loop properly), the quality on the video was so low I couldn't tell what you were doing when you right clicked, there's no voiceover explaining what you're doing, the tutorial's content is so basic that anyone with a day's experience in Flash should know how to do it and, most importantly, this is not youtube. Newgrounds is for Flash. Youtube is for videos. When you put videos on Newgrounds, they look like whale ass.

Rate based on information?

Were Newgrounds a site to promote learning, I'd likely rate this flash based upon the information contained within, however, it is a site for entertainment and thus I am compelled to rate it based on quality. As such, I can't rate it very highly; there was hardly any animation, just a series of stickmen drawings with text.


I like how you talk about how their was only stickmen and no information when there was clearly drawings and text leading up to other drawings and text. The newgrounds rating system is corrupt in so many ways for you to actually give me a 0, showing you have no idea what your even talking about.

Learn to spell, please.

There are two l's in llama.

Threstle responds:

Thanks for feedback, even if it's to say that's bad : I didn't expected good review anyway ^^.
This is my bery first flash video, I posted it on Newgrounds just because some of my friends wanted to see it.

By the way, I know I should have checked the spelling before but I'm french, and in french you spell llama "lama" and you say "ah ah" for laughter. So here's the explanation of my mistake. :)

Thoroughly predictable, but not bad

I still laughed, even though I saw it coming a mile away.


First of all, never brag about how long your movie is. It makes you look either egotistical or naive (or, in this case, both). I would have much rather you have shortened the absurdly long pauses and made this into a 60 (...or, y'know, 30...) second clip. Second, those SMBZ effects are way overused. Sort of like Sonic sprites as a whole. Try coming up with a different concept altogether.

Oh, one more thing: pink Knuckles = worst recolor idea ever. I highly encourage you not to do it again.

Tmav responds:

Thats a official form dumbass NOT a recolor.

I'm out of things to say.

Moar animation, less single frame pl0x.

AlienHive responds:

Tell you. Prank Call P6 - 2 to Prank Call P8 - 2 will be improved.

Different constructive criticism

Like all the others, this one needs animation. But for this one in particular, I have a different piece of constructive criticism as well: DON'T FLAME PEOPLE JUST BECAUSE THEY GAVE YOU A BAD RATING. Yes, I understand you may not be happy with the rating, but there's likely a reason they gave you the rating; maybe you should take their advice and change your stuff instead of yelling at them.

AlienHive responds:


No animation. Still.

There's still no animation to these. I still think there should be.

AlienHive responds:

OK Thanks. I notify you that Prank Call P6 - 2 will have different pictures, not animations.

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