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I'm really kind of embarrassed at Newgrounders right now. Instead of doing the simple fixes offered in the FAQ, you guys feel the need to offer up scathing reviews because you're too lazy to fix the problem. This game is great (although it did take some effort to get working). Once I got things working, it was great, but I feel like the timing for countering the gun is a little unintuitive (it's when you hear the shot go off, not when you see your opponent grab the gun) and obviously the keyboard layout is a little strange, though you do get used to that. Great job, guys!

3D-xelu responds:

Hey there, yeah that bug is annoying and we hope to fix it in the following days. As for the gun counter timing , yeah we got that complain from beta testers as well and we're going to improve it in the next patch along with some other blannace fixes. Thanks again for the suggestion and see you in a match!

An interesting idea, but the lack of sound or music detracts from the experience, and at a mere 4 levels, I barely feel like I got done with the tutorial phase of this game.

Voice acting was pretty bad, and the story was weak (most notably the ending, but I won't go into specifics in order to avoid spoilers). The gameplay was pretty good, aside from the fact that it felt like some levels could become actually impossible if you had bad luck (notably level 3). The graphics were okay, but the cross between 3D animation and traditional animation was weird. Overall, not bad, but not the best.

This is about as average as it gets. There weren't any unique elements of the game, and it was a little glitchy. It seemed self-aware of how unoriginal it was for a fleeting moment on the title screen, but it didn't do anything with it. The level design was mostly sound and used the few elements the game had to reasonable effectiveness, but ultimately the game didn't shoot very high.

Great concept, execution could use work.

I really liked the idea of this game. The concept of slowly gaining powers over something of a puzzle-platformer combined with the pixely artwork really held together well. Unfortunately, certain problems in execution left me almost resenting this game for wasting my time. Most notably, I took major issue with the fact that jumps often have to be precise to within one or two pixels. This is hard after you get legs, and damned near impossible before you do. Add to this the fact that you have to get every pixel physically possible before you can advance, and I spent literally fifteen minutes trying to figure out which one of several near-miss pixels I was actually supposed to get.

Pong is a terrible game.

There's a reason Pong hasn't been re-worked and re-released as a studio game: it kind of sucks. It may have been super fun back in the day, but we've developed past it and our standards have become higher as a result. Had this been an "accurate recreation" (i.e. original graphics, similar movement to the original, etc.) I might have gone easier on it for aesthetic value, but you just implemented the core engine with basic shapes for graphics. Hit-testing was a little off, as well. I understand that this is your first game, but you really need to come up with an original idea (or at least re-make a better game) to get a good review from me.

Not too shabby

My major complaint is definitely the lack of sound, but overally the game wasn't bad. The controls took some getting used to, but once I "got it," its actually a pretty effective setup.

The invisible guys are a pain in the ass, though.

JoSilver responds:

Glad you liked it.

I wanted the ninjas to be like "HOLY THERES A NINJA OUTTA NOWHERE" I guess I accomplished that.


While it hurts to acknowledge the fact that my competition did something of value, this is so damned good I can't help but congratulate you. Excellent work!

Manly-Chicken responds:

thanks man! I'll probably play your game next.

"few bugs"?

I don't think complete lack of gameplay counts as "a few bugs..."

You have NO chance, actually...

What is with art games and being sad nowdays? I disabled the saving feature and tried several different ways, and it didn't seem like there was a "good" ending. Apparently "art game" just means "sad game" now.

Stay with your family the whole time and Ryan gets pissed and kills them (or you, if your reflexes suck). Then you fail to come up with a cure.

Do what the boss says (go home on day 3, go to work day 4) and your family disappears, and you fail to come up with a cure.

Do the opposite of what the boss says (go to work on day 3, stay home on day 4) and your family disappears, and you fail to come up with a cure.

If you work every day, your wife kills herself, your daughter has to come to work with you, and you come up with a cure, but too late to save your daughter (or anyone but yourself, presumably).

If you screw the other lady, nothing changes, except for the fact that you don't get work done and therefore can't come up with the cure. If you work days 1-4 and take Molly to the park, she dies. There is no victory, only sadness. It is for that reason, that I hate this game. If there was a "correct" answer, I might have been more accepting, but this is dumb.

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